DirecTV Offers More Streaming Video For Mobile Viewing

Posted on: October 15th, 2016 by
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Get Directv Streaming Video For Mobile Viewing

AT&T really wants you to be able to use your smartphone to watch DirecTV. The service’s apps for both iOS and Android were recently updated, and your selection of streaming TV channels is larger than ever before. When The Verge tested it out, the only major segments of programming that were still unavailable on mobile devices were pay-per-view, 4k channels, and adult channels. You can also watch recorded shows with ease: They can be downloaded to your device for later viewing or streamed from your DVR.directv

According to AT&T, they’re now treating DirecTV just like any other sort of data sent to your phone. They’re grateful to customers who get both mobility and video service from AT&T. The company also noted that their sponsored data program allows other content providers to make similar offers.

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In the near future, DirecTV is going to be offering streaming video to customers without satellite subscriptions, so this move isn’t all that shocking. When that change happens, the content selection offered to mobile and online subscribers is likely to be very similar to the new variety being offered to satellite customers.

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There are potential issues with this update, though. AT&T has said that streaming DirecTV video won’t count towards the data cap on your wireless account, and that’s sure to be appreciated by the subscribers who get access to the new service. Net Neutrality watchdogs are concerned by that bit of news, though. It could effectively punish other content providers and users who prefer to get their video elsewhere.

AT&T has stressed that there isn’t any preferential treatment to be found here. The new update is repeatedly positioned as a “thank you” offered to customers using both AT&T mobile and DirecTV. While they make a point of mentioning their Sponsored Data program, they still haven’t altered the fundamental fact that you’ll be able to watch unlimited amounts of DirecTV content without worrying about your bandwidth usage. The same can’t be said if you like to stream your videos through services that don’t use Sponsored Data – services like Netflix and Hulu. You can get all the top Directv Offers and deals this year from the team at Techcouponcode to make sure you save 20 to 30% or more when subscribing

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